Brand: Aqua Comb

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  • Aqua Comb Pic-Comb and Water Grooming Tool – Two Sizes for Short, Medium or Long Haired Pets

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    DEEP HYDRO MASSAGE: Calms and relaxes your pet, making cleaning easier and more fun. Most medium to large dogs hate being washed! The Pet Aqua Comb changes this to a fun time for them (No fight washings)! Great for rescue animals and 4-H members with cows, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.
    BRIGHT CLEAN COAT: Your pet’s coat will be brighter and cleaner once cleaned with the Pet Aqua Comb. It will have a luminescence look do to the hair roots being fully clean. This will give you an unbelievable edge for show dogs!
    WOUND THERAPY: Removes all the soap residue and will help restore good healthy skin! Wound therapy softens and removes scabs without tearing and bleeding for faster healing! It also completely removes the shampoo from the fur which is the main cause of skin itch in larger dogs because the shampoo residue irritates the skin. You will have fewer Vet visits and expense for skin saves and pills to cure the itching!