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  • Halti Front Control Harness and Training Lead Combination Pack

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    Help prevent pulling: the Halti front control Harness is great for pet parents looking for a dog Harness that stops their dog from pulling on the leash. Crafted to stop pulling from the front, This harness keeps your dog comfortable while training them to walk without pulling.
    Easy to use: the Halti front control Harness makes it easy to put on & take off your dog’s harness before and after walks eliminating the hassle of fitting anxious paws through complex holes; Simply clip on the front strap and belly band & attach to your Halti training leash and you’re on your way!
    Halti training leash: we coupled our bestselling, multi-use dog leash together with our bestselling dog Harness for A one-stop-shop for all of your NO-PULL needs. Unlike traditional leashes, the Halti Training leash adds versatility to your training routine allowing for multiple connection points on your dog’s harness optimizing comfort and control.

  • Halti Headcollar and Training Lead Combination Pack

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    Stop pulling: help train your dog to stop pulling on the leash with the world-famous Halti head collar. As the world’s first no pull dog head collar, the Halti head collar is a favorite amongst pet parents and trainers.
    Comfortable & secure: the lightweight Halti head collar is designed for dog comfort with a fully padded nose band & waterproof, Reflective webbing and a safety link that attaches to your dog’s collar for additional security.
    Effective no pull training: The Halti head collar prevents Pulling on the leash by gently steering & guiding your dog’s direction. The responsive design of this dog head collar helps train Medium to large dogs to walk without pulling

  • Halti No Pull Harness and Training Lead Combination Pack, Stop Dog Pulling on Walks, Includes No Pull Harness and Double…

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    Prevent from pulling: the Halti no pull dog harness is a must-have for dogs that are prone to pulling on the leash. This harness stops pulling while avoiding pressure & providing full range of motion with comfortable control.
    No slip chest panel: The patented design of the no pull harness’s chest panel stays securely in place during walks to prevent pulling & can be used to stow small items like Poop bags or clickers during walks.
    Better together: for a better NO-PULL experience, Pair with the Halti Training lead. This double clip lead provides attachment points at the front and back of the harness offering optimal Support and steering control.

  • Halti Optifit Headcollar and Training Lead Combination Pack, Stop Dog Pulling on Walks

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    PREVENT PULLING: The Halti OptiFit Headcollar is a must for medium to large dogs that pull on the leash. This dog headcollar stops pulling without putting pressure on necks allowing for full range of motion & control.
    OPTIMAL FIT: Unlike traditional no pull dog headcollars, the OptiFit is designed to fit a wide range of noses regardless of breed or muzzle size providing a no pull headcollar solution to wide variety of dogs and breeds.
    BETTER TOGETHER: For better no-pull walking and training, we’ve paired the Optifit with our bestselling Halti Training Leash. This dual clip leash attaches to your dog’s headcollar and walking collar for improved control, comfort and training.